The thing that was most interesting to me about Hanoi was its wonderful mix of Chinese and French influences which could be noticed everywhere, from our favorite corner midnight snack, bánh mi (grilled pork slices on a crusty French baguette), to the prevalent café culture with the delicious Vietnamese coffee, to the very picturesque architecture seen all around, and even to the pretty Vietnamese girls all dressed up on their bicycles and scooters.

The way that cultures merge and mix, evolve and grow, has to be one of my favorite aspects of traveling 🙂 What’s most memorable to you when you visit a new place?

Dragons and clay tiles at the Temple of Literature

Fading paint and louvred windows

Entrance to the stone paths and sprawling gardens of the Temple of Literature

Hanoi Opera House modeled on the Paris Palais Garnier

Beautifully intricate lacquer painting and lace áo dài

Art nouveau architectural details in Hanoi’s French quarter

Resting our feet in our neighborhood café & enjoying some sweet Vietnamese coffee

*Photos by Ito Ocampo

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