It’s been a looooong while since Ito and I have been to the ballet, not to mention to any big event since the pandemic (but thanks to the invitation from our good friend, Luis Espiritu, we found ourselves dressing up for a night out to celebrate the gala performance of Ballet Philippines’ 53rd season). Held at the CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines) Main Theater, it was a great excuse as well to come together, see people, and catch up with friends who we haven’t seen in a while.

In past performances, Ballet Philippines has always strived to showcase the hard work, commitment and dedication of its company of dancers. In its latest season, Ballet Philippines took things a step further by taking us, the audience, along on the strenuous and arduous journey towards achieving artistic excellence with”Dance Here and Now: Equus, Bolero, and Other Dances”. Divided into two acts and with a mixed bill of dances, the night’s performance showcased dancers expressing the throes of love and passion, as well as the discipline and sacrifice needed for the love of dance (I’ve always appreciated creative expression of any kind, and storytelling through movement and dance is always so enjoyable to watch).

Congratulations to Ballet Philippines, and may this signify a turn (and pirouette!) to more nights enjoying live performances on stage and at the theater.


*Photos of previous Ballet Philippines performances (by Ito Ocampo)

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