Despite the 5:30 am pick-up and 6:00 am call-time, it’s always fun to guest on Umagang Kay Ganda and yesterday was no exception 🙂  I was invited once again to guest on the show, this time to discuss the 2012 fashion trends that I last wrote about in my previous post “12 Trends for 2012” (which were interpreted with local clothes pulled out/lent by the show’s sponsors).

I was also asked to give suggestions as to what the hosts and newscasters could wear based on the trends, and as soon as I arrived on set, it was obvious that hot hues & print was the winning choice!  Most especially shades of tangerine, which has been dubbed as the color of 2012.  Incidentally, tangerine/reddish-orange is also the color hue associated with creative energy, so it looks like there will be a lot of that this year!

Hosts Phoemela Barranda and Venus Raj hamming it up on cam

Venus Raj wears a Tippi Ocampo peach sorbet snakeskin coat & I’m wearing my tangerine silk brocade pants with pastel pink & raspberry

The very beautiful, very statuesque, and very funny Venus Raj

From model to host–the always gorgeous Phoem was one of my first models when I started designing years ago

2012 promises to be bright, colorful & very cheerful on Umagang Kay Ganda!  With the very lovely Donita Rose, Phoemela Barranda, Bernadette Sembrano & Venus Raj


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