It’s the first quarter of 2023 and I’ve started blogging again after an extended hiatus. The past few years have been a wake-up call to reassess, refresh and restart, so what better time than this year to start anew?

During lockdown, when Ito and I found ourselves home more than we were used to, I found myself reconnecting with a more intuitive side of my creativity.

Painting and creating with no other purpose than to still the mind and be present provided a calm oasis in the raging storm of the  pandemic…

Then a home project that Ito had started a year earlier, which was turning our old storage area into a studio/workshop (for a peek, read “Making Room to Play”) was resurrected, and we spent most of our time in lockdown trying to make sense of all the massive changes and upheavals happening around the world by creating little personal projects that served as a form of active meditation (you can also read about that here “Chaos and Creativity”).

Now it’s 2023, and life seems to be settling back into a new sense of normality and things are going back to “business as usual”. Yet  that time when Ito and I allowed ourselves to freely create proved healing on so many levels, and the nudges we received during that crazy, unprecedented time are continuing to urge us forward. Where are these proddings leading us to? Who knows, but instead of resisting this wave of change, we are allowing ourselves to be swept up by it and be inspired to bring new life to old things, re-fashion what we have on hand, and hopefully, to create mindfully with a renewed sense of vision and purpose 🙂

*Photos by Ito Ocampo



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