I’ve been DYYIIING to share this for some time, and I’m so, so, sooo thrilled to finally be able to share my excitement. This past January was a whirlwind of unexpected experiences, and a definite affirmation that things can happen in real life that surpass even our fantasies.

When I received a surprise overseas phone call about the possibility of being part of a global campaign that has long championed women’s uniqueness, diversity and authenticity (along with being the top ad campaign of the 21st century–I know because I googled it), I was thrilled! Personally I’ve always believed in celebrating creativity and personal expression, as well as embracing and enhancing women’s diverse beauty through the clothes I design–so it’s not everyday that what we hold true aligns perfectly with the opportunities presented to us 🙂

One thing very quickly led to another, and before I knew it I was in a robe, in a make-up chair, in a gorgeous London loft, getting ready for a shoot. We weren’t told who the photographer would be beforehand, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to learn it was Mario Testino! Yes–Mario Testino!!! I could barely contain my excitement when I met him, but I tried my best to appear calm. Soon I was sitting on a chaise lounge, wearing a favorite dress of my design, in front of a camera for Dove’s latest #RealBeauty global campaign to launch their ‘Real Beauty Pledge’ (click here to view my real beauty story on Dove’s UK site).

For a brand that has long embraced real women and real beauty, the whole amazing experience was both real AND wonderfully surreal! Please don’t pinch me as I’m still not quite sure I haven’t just dreamed this whole thing up 😮

*I don’t know why the cover photo keeps getting cropped in weird ways, so I’ll just post the official portrait again 🙂  (Photo by Mario Testino)

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