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FDCP’s Manila Wear

Fashion, like language, needs to evolve in order to stay alive and relevant.Β  The Fashion & Design Council of the Philippines (FDCP) redesigned the Barong Tagalog & Baro’t Saya for use in more modern, contemporary...

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Fashionable and Sustainable

Last night’s “Weaving the Future” finals night was a culmination of months of planning and hard work, and the excitement could be felt even during rehearsals and as last-minute preparations were underway at the...

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No Tricks, All Treats

Last October 30, Ito and I made our way to SMX to watch one of the last shows on the final day of Philippine Fashion Week.Β  We were running a little late since our long weekend had been a busy one, but thanks to most people...

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Gallery of Past Work


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