Last October 30, Ito and I made our way to SMX to watch one of the last shows on the final day of Philippine Fashion Week.  We were running a little late since our long weekend had been a busy one, but thanks to most people being out of town we ran into little traffic and made it to the venue in the nick of time.

We were there to see Sassa Jimenez present her latest spring/summer collection, and seated beside us were Sassa’s ever-supportive and doting family, our good friends Abby & Tourism Secretary Mon Jimenez and daughter Nina.  After all the stress and nerves that putting on a big collection induces in every designer, it was such a treat to see how Sassa had evolved as a fashion designer since she first burst onto the scene 3 years ago.

Along with designers Noel Crisostomo and FDCP member Jerome Ang (who opened the show with a live band beating out a tribal rhythm throughout his 45-piece presentation), Sassa’s signature exuberance was in full view in a sea of tulle painstakingly tucked, pleated, frayed & twisted into petticoated dresses & ballgowns.

What I appreciated most about the three collections (other than all the intricate handwork!) was the diversity in points of view for spring/summer 2012, from Jerome’s glitzy, tribal glamazons, to Noel’s utilitarian, sporty take on luxe ladies, to Sassa’s unabashedly fun, voluminous circus-inspired damsels, there is certainly going to be no shortage of fashion options for dressing up in the coming months.

A big round of applause for all the designers of Philippine Fashion Week, and congratulations to Audie & Joey Espino and everyone at Runway Productions!

Some scenes from the show…

Jerome Ang’s collection

Noel Crisostomo’s collection

Sassa Jimenez’s collection

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