(This is the second of two blog posts. Read the first one here “New Horizons: Surprise Trip to Madrid”)

Traveling has always been such a big part of Ito’s and my life from way before we got married. Getting to know new places always brings us such a delightful thrill, and that’s especially true when it’s combined with getting to know new people as well. On our last trip to Madrid, we had the pleasure of meeting and bonding with some very, very lovely women from different parts of the world. After the initial thrill of being in a new city, having other women to share the excitement with made every new taste, sight, smell, and experience that much more enjoyable and fun. It’s nice to know that at the end of the trip, we didn’t just make a whole lot of amazing memories, we made some cool new friends as well!

Sharing a few photos of our extra surprising, extra-ordinary Madrid adventure 🙂

After bonding over long and leisurely breakfasts, we’re off to wander the city

Indulging in tapas, vino and cerveza with the girls in the various mercados

Ito meets his twin puppy–same name, same hair!

Lobby meet ups–where we would often catch up & make plans

Crazy sounding first restaurant visit, haha! It was delicious (and with HUGE servings)

One of our rare, semi-group photos with Wiji,Giulia, Luiza, Simran, Belle and Divya

Midday wine and brunch with Inez and Wiji at the picturesque “Only You” hotel restaurant

Hitting the boutiques and shops

What truly made this trip different was meeting new friends and sharing unforgettable experiences together–and who knows, we may all just meet again in the future! (Don’t we just wish!) 🙂

*Photos by Ito Ocampo

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