Picturesque places, check. Historic monuments, check. A bit of shopping, check. Foodie tour, check. A little culture, a lot of silly fun, check, check. In the end, however beautiful the sights, great the shopping, or delicious the food, what truly makes a trip wonderful is the company. Being with friends and people you truly enjoy is like adding that extra dollop of chili and squeeze of lime to an already mouthwatering bowl of pho–it just makes you want to come back for more! 🙂

Sailing through Halong Bay with Jarie, Rima, Mary Faye, Babylyn, Anne, JR, Gerry, Jeanette, VJ, Triccie, Christie & Ernest

Exploring the surreal caves with Gaudi-like interiors found along Halong Bay

Discovering the tastes of Hanoi–from the mouthwatering flavors on the street to some delicious French fare

Catching the sun set over West Lake

Enjoying the view with Rima, Babylyn, Ito, Mary Faye & Jarie while waiting for our cocktails

Cheers to a fun, enjoyable trip! Looking forward to the next one 😉

The gang’s all here! (Thank you, Rima Laurel, for the photo)

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