My family recently traveled together to London, and while the trip itself was a pleasantly unexpected surprise, what made it even more fun was not having an itinerary other than just wandering (and tubing, busing & training) around and exploring this exciting city. London is a vibrant, sprawling, cosmopolitan place, and what I loved about it was that, even with the number of amazing museums and galleries that filled the city, there seemed to be as much art on display outside the museums’ walls as there was inside it.

L1130387Stardust all around! With Ziggy at Electric Avenue (…& then we’ll take it higher…). Street art by Jimmy C.

DSC_0337The portrait gallery on the London streets

DSC_0343Dreamy, drippy street art in Shoreditch

IMG_4314Vibrant strokes and delicate paper butterflies cover an entire wall


Paper butterflies, collaged drain pipe and street art by Stik

L1130186Colorful graffiti at the underground skate park on Southbank

L1130713Tongue-in-cheek graphic design covered neighborhood streets

L1130495A playful, fashionable line-up on display in the back streets

L1130722London’s street art gets to the heart of the matter

*Photos by Ito

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