Home, sweet home.  While pushing boundaries and exploring outside one’s comfort zone has long been my battle cry, there are times when being surrounded by all things warm, snuggly and comforting is all that we want…like now that I’m sick.  Today my husband has confined me to bed rest, and has been hydrating me endlessly with glasses of water and juice and cups of my favorite tea.  I slept in all day and now I’m under the sheets, propped up by pillows, blogging.  Confession:  I can’t say I’m not enjoying this (shhhhh…..!).

Here are my favorite ways of finding comfort when I’m under the weather:

1.  A cup of hot tea–I like having loose leaf tea, but right now I’m having some Twinings Apple & Cinnamon which smells like Christmas.  Comfort in a cup!

2.  Crisp, freshly laundered cotton sheets (my favorite find at a discount store in the US were these marked down, vanilla-colored, 600-thread count, Egyptian cotton sheets & pillowcases from Spain that are sooo soft).

3.  Steaming hot soup–I love chicken tinola because of the gingery chicken broth, the leafy veggies and the green papaya–yum!

4.  A good book or a good movie (time to whip out my old Audrey Hepburn classics that Ito doesn’t like to watch, LOL!)

5.  Aromatherapy–a nice, relaxing scent like green tea or lavender are my favorites.

On my comfort wish-list:

A nice set of pajamas…maybe white with black trim ala Chanel? 🙂

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