Mix, match & mash-up the latest clothes available locally without having to spend a single centavo! Miss-match is the latest style site to hit the cyber fashion scene and it was dreamed up by some of the most creative people around–who also happen to come from one big happy family, AND happen to be good friends of mine 🙂  Brewed and concocted by FashionLab, the team behind Miss-match is comprised of Pierra, Toto, Pia, Albert & Chinggay Labrador.

The LabRats, as they call themselves, are fashion, photography and design veterans who want to share a more fun, relaxed and experimental fashion experience with everyone. Chinggay Labrador has been writing, illustrating & designing for fashion magazines & books (including my own “Not By the Book: Fashioning Design”), so she’s included graphics and illustrations to inspire you to create your own mood-board.  And while Pierra & Toto Labrador have been photographing, styling, editing, writing  and creating fashion editorials for the top glossies for years, they’d like you to experiment and have a hand in putting together your own fashion look-book.

There is also advice offered by different fashion industry insiders on putting together outfits for various occasions (Pierra invited me to share some fashion tips which are actually perfect for a Friday night out–check out top looks, above–on how to “Update Your Look with This Season’s Trends“).  I created the look by browsing through the different clothes, accessories, etc. in the “stock room” and just dragging and dropping the pieces I liked onto my page…it even shows how much each item costs, allowing you to budget for your real shopping as you go along (I think I’m getting the colored pair of jeans!).

So before you waste your money on impulse buys that don’t go with your style or anything you own, put together outfits that work for you on Miss-match and make your fashion budget go a long way.

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