Just like street food, some of the best ‘unsanitized’, unfiltered fashions come from the street.  In most countries the street is like a giant petri dish of fashion, where anything goes and experimentation abounds.  Many designers gather their inspirations from the way people dress on the street and turn those inspirations into upscale collections that slowly filter their way back down to the street again…before turning another cycle.  Rather than criticizing street fashion as being too common, low-brow or bas couture (the opposite of haute couture), it should be celebrated for what it is…an inspiring, democratic, free-for-all expression of fashion.

This woman’s leather & boots combination paired with a colorful jacket..

…and this little girl’s prim and proper velvet dress & tights…

…made a contrasting Mom-&-child combination!

The Italian carabinieri are some of the best-dressed police on the streets! (I’d like their navy jacket in my size please…)

These Japanese teens love their crazy baby doll dresses accessorized every which way.

This lovely Japanese girl was waiting for a bus in a vintage-print dress, pearls & a faux-fur collar.

These teens were waiting to hit the clubs with neon-colored hair, animal prints, fur & distressed denim.

An older couple taking an afternoon stroll–I love her rust colored swing coat matched with her cropped silver hair

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