What is the Filipina’s style? We’re well aware of the French woman’s flair, the Japanese girl’s quirks, the British waif’s eccentricities, the American bombshell’s individuality…but what of the Filipina? With a little observation and some introspection, the Filipina’s personal style can finally emerge and develop fully into its own.

One thing that holds us back is our predilection for following trends. This might make us feel hip and stylish, but it also keeps us in a mass-produced mold and prevents us from finding our own particular take on fashion. The confidence of making fashion ‘mistakes’ and wearing something off-beat from the current fashion parade is also what puts our personal “thumbprint” on an outfit, and distinguishes us from the rest of the fashion pack.

Who wants to look like a clone of a fashionista from Paris, New York, Tokyo or London? When visiting these places, the people there have already seen enough of themselves–it’s nothing new.  Sharing our own unique heritage, style and personal interpretation of what’s current with the rest of the world turns more heads and allows our local fashion sensibilities to evolve, instead of stagnating in a homogeneously ‘hip & trendy’ fashionable look.

Until we finally come to terms with our own identity and learn to take comfort and confidence in our own stylish “skin”, we will never be able to fully shine. It’s time to start forging our own fashion path and have fun doing it!

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