Kicking back and relaxing on a Sunday reminds me of why I’m grateful to be living in a ‘land of endless summers’. Summer is my absolute favorite season of the year, so it’s just as well that I was born in the Philippines where the ‘coldest’ months of the year–beginning in September & extending til February–are also the best times to hit the beach.  Being a fashion designer, much of what I do is informed by our balmy (oftentimes extremely humid) climate, our incurable penchant for parties, celebrations and fiestas of every kind, and our laid-back, sometimes infuriatingly relaxed, devil-may-care attitude.

But, hey, who’s complaining?

White sand, friendly fish and turquoise waters in Palawan

Linen towels & woven rags on a clothesline inspired this past collection

Random recycled wood makes an interesting fence in Tagaytay

This past collection was inspired by baskets, blue waters and sunsets

Thatched nipa, native weaves and bright bougainvillea in Cebu

Blue skies, bleached wood and blazing sunshine in Boracay

Past collection inspired by a fisherman’s catch with mother-of-pearl

Seashells & sea urchins inspired this past collection

Local beach batiks and mats inspired this past collection

The famous final rays of a red hot Manila sunset

Local dog enjoying a roll in the powdery sands of Boracay

*Photos by Ito Ocampo & runway photos by Ian Ong (ClicktheCity)

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