It’s howling, storming, and flooding around Manila today with most people deciding to keep off the streets and stay home.  I’ve decided to catch up on my reading today, and maybe do some designing & writing from the ‘office’ corner of my dressing room at home.  Luckily we haven’t lost our internet connection or had any power outages despite the storm, but from what I’ve been seeing online, many parts of the city (especially those by Manila Bay) are massively flooded with huge waves slapping onto the breakwater reaching the tops (!) of the coconut trees, while other parts of the city are underwater & have lost their electricity already.

This was the waist-deep flooding at the US Embassy along Roxas Boulevard this morning (photo by Ian Castaneda from GMA News) along with this video ( Typhoon Hits Philippines) from the Associated Press

As I write this, the rain and winds seem to have abated somewhat, and I’m hoping that the worst of the storm has already passed.  So far, the trees in our garden are still standing, and unlike last year’s deluge during Ondoy, this time our garden didn’t suddenly surprise us with a new backyard pool.  I read online that the storm is leaving the Philippine vicinity at noon tomorrow, so I’m praying for everyone’s safety until then…in the meantime, I’m still keeping our mobile phones and gadgets fully charged.

(*For emergencies or donations, you can call Angel Brigade +63918-828-1000, +63917-897-0383, +63917-520-6188)

These wanderer palms are true survivors–they’ve made it thru tropical typhoons Milenyo, Ondoy, and now, Pedring with just a few broken branches.  Talk about resilient!

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