It’s a stormy Monday and I’m working from home, designing some very interesting pieces for a couple of clients of mine.  One of them is a Vegas-inspired dress made out of playing cards! So fun 🙂 It’s a very Pop Art kind of dress, which is great because Pop Art was undoubtedly my favorite art period growing up.  I loved its youthful, rebellious, irreverent spirit, and among its artists Andy Warhol, Keith Haring & Roy Lichtenstein were my early favorites.  The fact that the graphic, oftentimes humorous, nature of Pop Art works so well with fashion is another plus, which is why it’s been an influence of mine for some time now…

One of my first gifts to Ito was a painting I made on glass–a rip off of Lichtenstein’s “In the Car” (I changed the features of the male and female to look a little more like Ito and me, LOL!).  You can write different messages in the empty ‘bubble’ with a magic marker

Roy Lichtenstein, “In the Car”, 1963

“Chocolate Sundae” dress, with chocolate brown satin bodice and strawberry pink ice-cream petticoat

A favorite past collection of mine was for Traits très mode of Alliance Francais which featured dresses with graphic embellishments & illustration details inspired by the art of various French illustrators

For a good friend of mine named “Candy”, I once designed a top inspired by–what else?–candy wrapper

Clichéd maybe, but I still love this paper dress inspired by Andy Warhol’s “Campbell’s Soup Cans” (photo from Metropolitan Museum of Art)

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