Growing up, the Barong Tagalog was something I associated with what Filipino men wore on formal occasions, like attending graduations and weddings–or maybe even to the office, if one worked in a law firm or in government.  Beyond that I never really saw the barong worn much.  But there was always something I found so beautiful about it, with its delicate callado embroidery and sheer natural piña fiber.  Over the years I’ve incorporated the Barong Tagalog in a number of my designs, and have often worn a redesigned barong on a number of occasions with my favorite well-worn jeans.So how do I love the Barong?  Let me count the ways…

An original Barong Tagalog (image from Filipino costumes)

A Barong Tagalog-inspired flapper dress with silk chiffon fringe

A Barong Tagalog and jersey gown with plunging v-neckline

A Barong Tagalog-inspired silk chiffon gown with halter neckline

A Barong Tagalog meets Baro’t Saya bridal gown

Wearing my Lolo’s barong with a lace skirt & woven cummerbund I designed

(Marie-Claire shoot ‘outtake’, make-up Barbi Chan, photographer Pat Dy)

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