There are more sides to fashion, and many, many more sides to the people in fashion, than meet the collective eye. Beyond the shows and catwalks, we discover people with a myriad of interests and dreams who aren’t just fashionistas, they’re passion-istas.

Modeling since her college days, it seems Valerie de los Santos was made for fashion–and with her long limbs and long tresses it would appear that even her genes agree. Often surrounded by a high-profile fashion and beauty industry, it isn’t immediately apparent that her long-time passion has always been music. From obscure tunes to foreign beats, music has always fueled everything she’s done, so as she strides forward in future endeavors and finds her own rhythm, I have a feeling we can all look forward to hearing a lot more from her.





White lace with black accent “Maria Clara” gown: Tippi Ocampo/ Model: Valerie de los Santos/ Make-up: Iya Yujuico/ Photos: Ito Ocampo

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