Antique finishes and vintage styles are in vogue again. I’ve always thought some things look better with age, and in my opinion, leather is one of them. Let me correct myself…I love leather when it’s in pristine condition and has that amazingly intoxicating new smell…and then I love it again when it’s old and has finally acquired that beautiful weathered patina (the in-between stage, when it’s only slightly scuffed up, is what I’m not so fond of).

While clearing out my closet the other day, I came across a stash of my old stuff from my college days (!!!) that I had kept and forgotten about, but after getting them cleaned up (with some of Ito’s leather cleaner/conditioner), I thought they looked good as…old! LOL.

Age has definitely given these pieces more character! Perfect with a linen shirt and cuffed shorts for casual days fabric shopping, or with a silk shirtdress or printed sundress for sunny weekends scouring the markets! Don’t you just love finding things in your closet and giving them new life? 🙂

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