Over the busy holiday season, Lulu Tan Gan threw a dinner to welcome some friends into her new house in Makati.  One of the classiest designers and most astute businesswomen around, I’ve always looked up to Lulu–but I admired her even more when I got to know her after I began designing.  A past FDCP President, Lulu has always been extremely supportive of all designers, old and new, and is more than generous with sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience.

That evening was not a fashion event but a celebration of a new chapter in a new home.  So it was a relaxed, lovely evening catching up with friends & colleagues in the industry, and meeting some new ones, over lots of delicious food and drinks.  Wishing Lulu and her family bountiful blessings and many wonderful years in their new home.

Riana Matera, Lulu TG, myself, Jessica TG, Tetta Matera, Cesar Gaupo, Vikki Barba & Tonichi Nocom

JC Buendia, Mike de la Rosa, Lulu, myself, Cesar, Anthony & Vikki

Great food & lively conversation with Lulu TG, Giorgio Matera, Joey Yupangco, Riana & Teta Matera, Gina Yupangco, Ito Ocampo

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