I’ve noticed a lot of people embracing red recently.  Unlike before, when people would shy away from the color and stick to fail-safe black, more people these days are experimenting with red, from wearing jeans to full-length gowns.  I love it!  I think many Filipinos used to be under the mistaken impression that red isn’t complimentary to morena skin, but on the contrary, the right shade of red on olive-skinned Filipinas looks smokin’ hot!

I’ve always loved red myself, from fire-engine red, to poppy red, to ruby red, to brick red.  It’s always been one of my favorite colors which is why I’ve had red shoes, red nails, red lipstick, red-tinted hair…I even painted one whole wall in my office at home crimson.  What’s your favorite way to wear red? 🙂

Loving these Louboutin Lady Lynch Glitter pumps–don’t they look like a grown up version of Dorothy’s ruby shoes from the Wizard of Oz?

Doodling on my Tab with this great app called SketchBookX.  My brother gave me an Ozaki stylus pen (red, of course!) and it’s fun playing with the different drawing tools–still getting the hang of it.

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