With the chaos and craziness of the past few rainy weeks, I didn’t realize that this blog turned a year old last August 12. Yay! That’s 365 days–but not 365 posts although I tried, LOL!–of attempted design introspection and my personal take on fashion (my first blog entry here: “Redesign Process”).

Working in a dynamic and creative field, I’ve realized that as a fashion designer, what we ultimately share with other people are our inspirations, our dreams and our daily experiences that eventually find their way into our sketchpads and designs.

So on this blog’s first year, I’m sharing with you some of my memorable firsts as a fashion designer:

First fashion design sketch & gown (Concours International de Jeunes Créateurs de Mode, Paris)

First bridal gown design & show (piña silk with hook & eye beadwork and snakeskin leather corset in Mega magazine)

First collection (Jewelmer HK show apple-print and vinyl street collection)

First fashion design exhibit & book launch (“Not By the Book: Fashioning Design”)

Do you still remember any of your fashion firsts? Or those exciting first steps that you took towards something you wanted? I’d love to hear your creative and inspiring stories (fashion-related or otherwise). You can drop me a note in the comments section or email me at tippi@tippiocampo.com or. Let’s all celebrate our memorable firsts together! 🙂

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