When it comes to interpreting what’s sexy, we’re finally wisening up.

Sex.  It’s the supercharged word that’s all around us, confronting us at every turn from our advertisements, to our fashion, to our music, to our movies. As the oft-repeated phrase goes “Sex sells”.  But what is sexy, really?  Is it skin-baring ensembles that leave little to the imagination?  Is it surgically enhanced bodies sculpted to perfection?  Is it putting on killer heels and a dominatrix sneer? Sexy is more than all of that, I think.  I find that the sexiest people combine an awareness of how they look with an awareness of how they think and feel.  Their self-assurance and sex appeal are born of knowingness beyond what looks good on them.  In other words, truly sexy people don’t just dress smart—they ARE smart.

Sharpen Up

‘Porn-chic’, ‘Ghetto’, ‘Glamazon’…been there, done that.  Now is the time to stand tall and look pulled-together again.  Elegant dresses, smart suits and prim (but not necessarily always proper) little ensembles are the perfect way to look sexy but polished.  To keep things fresh, I like updating tailored pieces with unexpected patterns or tempting hints of color.

Intelligent Design

Design, whether in fashion or other fields, is more than just a superficial add-on.  Good design brings together functionality with desirability, like the sensuous curve of a modern building, the sinewy lines of a luxury sports car or the seductive arch of a couture dress.  Pay attention to the line, silhouette and proportion of your clothes—you don’t have to bare your curves to show them off.  Know when less is more, and when less is just…less.

Attention to Detail

A hint of perfume, a glimpse of skin, a touch of satin…understanding subtle cues and paying attention to them is sexy.  Many of the world’s oldest cultures have elevated seduction and sexiness into an art form (flashing your breasts in exchange for beads in a Mardi Gras parade is not one of them!).  Fashion is a form of visual communication—fashion code, so to speak—so when dressing up, think of what you’re really saying.

Sexiest Body Part

Work out the muscles of your mind.  Facebook is fun, but it shouldn’t be the only book you read!  Looking smart is not just about wearing designer specs and adopting the latest geek-chic ensemble.  Update your arsenal of information as often as you update your fashion. Your brain is actually your sexiest body part, so flaunt it!

(Photos by Ito Ocampo- L-Tippi Ocampo collection/ R-On the streets of Tokyo)

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