It’s the season for the shimmer of gold, the shine of silver, and the twinkle of fairy lights. 
(published in Metro magazine)

Fashion may have its regular seasons, but there is probably no glitzier or more glamorous season worldwide than Christmas. In Manila, where our Christmas season runs for a quarter of the year, we don’t have autumn/winter collections, we celebrate our good tidings (and sunny Christmases) with ‘Holiday collections’.  It doesn’t matter what your religious affiliation may be, Christmas has established itself (for better or for worse) as an extravaganza unlike any other. After all, it’s the time of year when store windows beat the fashion catwalks in putting on extravagant, larger-than-life, fantastical displays—the time of year when not just people, but entire cities dress up and wrap themselves in all things glittery and sparkly.

Precious Metals

Metallic hues are perfect for the holidays, especially in more muted, burnished shades that won’t make you look like you covered yourself in tinsel foil. I love how even just a touch of gold, silver, bronze or pewter adds edge to even the most basic outfits.  Whether as an accent piece or as a full ensemble, the sheen of precious metal is as appropriate now as it was many years ago when given as a king’s gift to a baby in a manger.

Crystal Clear

Whether it’s to add a festive twinkle to a holiday dress, or to add a festive tinkle to a dinner setting, nothing says ‘special occasion’ quite like crystal.  Sprinkled minimally on a simple top, heavily embellished on a cocktail dress, or worn simply as shoulder-dusting earrings, the sparkle of crystal always makes for an eye-catching statement.

White Nights

We may not celebrate White Christmases in Manila, but the holiday season is a great time to wear white.  Mixed with touches of metallic, or worn sheer and layered one over the other, white can look ethereal or dramatic, innocent or edgy.  It’s also a great way to stand out amidst the darker tones and jewel hues that are prevalent over the holidays.

Heart of Gold

Amidst all the revelry and celebration, shopping and gift giving, the best way to truly shine this season is to give thanks for all your blessings, and to spread the love with those around you.  Share with those less fortunate than you, and bless those more fortunate than you.  Don’t be a scrooge with your good intentions.  Wear your heart on your sleeve, and don’t forget to put on a smile—you’re never fully dressed without it!

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