It’s Sunday and I wish I was by the ocean, listening to the waves, reading a book, and just relaxing.  Sundays are when I don’t answer work emails or texts (I wish I could say no to facebook and twitter too! LOL), and when slowing down is the order of the day.  I wrote this short verse a couple of years ago when I was on an empty stretch of beach…I was watching the changing tides and imagined that the beach was a big blank sheet of fabric.  Who knows, maybe it would make an interesting gown someday 🙂

*Photo by John Lacson

A light rain
Glosses its long, gray surface
With a smooth, satiny sheen
Waves wash in
Like a tireless loom
Frailly trimming its edges
With delicate trails
Of white salt lace

Miniature crabs
Pop their heads
In and out, in and out
Running needlepoint stitches
Of swirling, intricate patterns
Down its length
A smattering of shells
Glitter at its edges

At last
The velvet sky is drawn
The winds begin to softly play
A delicate brush
Of sparkling dust
Adds the final touch
Before the veil of night is thrown
Over its shoulders

The golden orb is lit
A pathway shimmers
Atop the crests
And as the waves rise and peak
The tides beckon
A final curtain call
Claiming the day’s masterpiece
Back towards the horizon

-Tippi Ocampo

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