It’s always wonderful getting together with really good friends, and throw in some amazing food and you’ve got a truly great party. It was the milestone birthday of Raffy (del Rosario), who together with his wife Carmina, are two of our dearest friends. Raffy & Carmina had just gotten back from Taiwan where they celebrated Raffy’s birthday and they were just raving about the food! Last year, Ito and I had joined them on Carmina’s birthday trip to Siem Reap where we had explored both the temples and the Khmer cuisine, and while we couldn’t join them on this year’s trip, at least we could listen to their food-talk while eating their scrumptious home-cooked food :9 (Sorry, no food pics, the food went that fast!)

Just recently Carmina started her own food catering company called the Crazy Cook (both she & Raffy also own Thai restaurant Bangkok Wok in Davao City that serves refined Thai food in a modern, elegant setting), and I thought the name was totally apt when I entered the kitchen to greet her and saw her whipping up our feast in a dramatic, floor-length evening kaftan & gorgeous jewelry! Talk about crazy special service–even Raffy, the birthday boy, worked up a little sweat with his killer, melt-in-your-mouth roast prime rib….yummmmmmm.

Happy birthday, Raf! Looking forward to the next delicious celebration you & Carmina whip up 😉

Lounging around with the birthday boy post-dinner

Diva in the kitchen…The Crazy Cook whipping up a feast for her birthday boy

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