More than sightseeing, people watching is one of my favorite past-times when traveling.  Observing how people live, where they go, what styles they choose to wear (and when), and noticing the differences and similarities between them and myself is just fascinating.  Ultimately, it is people and culture that make a country what it is.

*Took all these pics myself with a new Olympus point-and-shoot that I got in Umeda (since my beloved Lumix began dying a slow death…sayonara, old friend…)

Androgyny meets British pop on the streets of Japan

This couple was the ultimate in understated luxury, layering linen, cashmere & soft cottons


Talk about fierce fashion!  I love the metal detail & pretty intricacy of their warrior gear

Pounding the pavement is the best way to explore a city

Ladies dressed up in gloves and berets for brunch and a Sunday stroll by the river

Traditional Japanese wear in transit on the subways of Osaka

Japanese girls in petticoated plaid skirts, cropped jackets and whimsical head pieces

Primped & prettified boys gather regularly on Osaka’s streets

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