The Persistence of Memory, Salvador Dalí, 1931

Dreamscapes are amazing places where nothing is as it seems and where anything is possible, which is why it’s a place often visited by surrealists like Salvador Dalí.  It’s this strange and absurd perspective that has always fascinated me, the questioning of the world as we know it, and which is the main reason why I’m such a fan of surrealism.  I also remember falling madly in lust with a Salvador Dalí Softwatch years ago–way before Ito and I got hitched–and which he so thoughtfully gifted me with for my birthday that year (I still use it to this day).

It didn’t matter to me that it was always a little difficult to tell the precise time because of its ‘melted’ shape–time is always flexible from a Dalí point of view anyway ;)–because it never failed to put a smile on my face.

I also went to see a Dalí exhibit in Paris a few years ago…this sculpture of a clock melting from a clothes hanger was one of my favorite pieces.

Dalí inspire Lancel | Vogue

Today I came across this Dalí inspired, monogrammed leather bag by French fashion house Lancel that I saw on the Paris Vogue site.  It has bicycle chain straps and Dalí’s ‘secret love alphabet’ monogrammed on it.  I think it looks so cool–a little surreal, a little ‘street’, and a little classic.  I think I’m in lust again!

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