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Rainy Sunday Perks

It’s been crazy, crazy weather this entire week and this morning’s peep of sunshine has clouded over. But no matter! Rainy, lazy Sundays at home are one of the best excuses to enjoy some overlooked “me”...

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Storm Watch

Thank goodness the rains and winds have stopped–our glass window panes were rattling with the wind last night! Luckily, nothing broke, and it was one of the times that Ito and I were grateful to be living in a bungalow...

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Inspirational Photo of the Day

(Photo by Ito Ocampo) Postcard from…the walled city of Intramuros. We don’t always have to travel far to get inspired. Sometimes the most amazing sights are right in our own backyard! The other day, while watching...

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Sunday Love

I love Sundays and I love surprises, so when they come together it makes for a really feel-good end to the week. Today I realized just how blessed we are each day by the people we come in contact with–those we meet, work...

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Creative Downtime

It’s Sunday, and I’m spending the day in the most productive way I know how…doing absolutely nothing đŸ™‚ There’s something extremely soothing, refreshing and healing about taking some time off from all the...

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