Dining al fresco is probably one of my most favorite things to do and with Ito’s and my fondness for road trips, a picnic just takes it a step further by allowing us to literally dine al fresco anywhere (read Putting It Together).

So what are some of the things to consider when planning a picnic? First thing would be the weather, and it’s not just the rain we need to watch out for. Extremely hot & humid days make for a very uncomfortable experience as well. A weather app is our BFF when planning to dine outdoors!


Next, when choosing a picnic spot, we shouldn’t limit ourselves to designated areas with hourly-tables-for-rent. Any place that isn’t off-limits, and preferably with a good view, is a possible choice for a set up. A shady spot in a park, a rooftop garden, a grassy field out of town, a sandy beach…the options are as varied as our moods.


What to pack? It depends on the kind of picnic we’re planning, but my personal preference is to pack food that tastes good at room temperature and doesn’t need too much prepping. A picnic blanket (and a roll-out rubber mat in case the ground is rocky or uneven), and maybe even a couple of throw pillows in case we find ourselves wanting to nap after the meal.

Other items to bring along are a good book or a deck of cards (I have this lovely, vintage, still-wrapped-in-plastic-til-I-opened-it set of cards that used to be my Lola’s). Also, practical things not to forget are garbage bags and wipes for cleaning afterwards.


And last, but not least, it’s important to prepare a good playlist! (I love fun, lively mixes that include lesser-known, quirky music which set the tone while still allowing us to enjoy the sounds of our surroundings.)

What about you? Do you like picnicking outdoors? If you do, what are some of your favorite tips?

*Silly pun for “Tippi On a Picnic” 😉 / **Photos by Ito


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