Finally! After obsessing over my baskets (read Diary of a Picnic Basket) for the better part of the summer, we recently went on another road trip up North and got to put them to use. Preparing a picnic, like preparing an outfit, is best when it’s effortlessly–but not haphazardly–put together. Thankfully, even though weather forecasts predicted thunderstorms in Baguio, we were greeted with sunshine and cool weather for our baskets’ first foray.

L1160784The cool temperatures and scent of pine were a welcome change from Manila’s heat

DSC_0588These vintage-print denim culottes that I designed were perfect for lounging outdoors


For the simplest picnic with no cooking required, I packed cold cuts, cheese, fruit, a crusty baguette, biscuits, and some drinks–absolutely fuss-free! Oh, and linen table napkins, just because 😉 We also had our summer playlist and a deck of cards as we lazed about and enjoyed the weather (read Tips On a Picnic).

L1160834A small candle was a good way of keeping the bugs at bay

L1160822We found an idyllic spot that was peaceful and away from the crowds to settle down in

DSC_0635Our zip up coolers (inside the lightweight basket) were packed with frozen water bottles which kept our drinks chilled

L1160823We took care of the food, Mother Nature took care of the ambience

IMG_7327It’s never truly a picnic without a visit from this little guest

DSC_0617Life’s little pleasures can be found anywhere you can set up a picnic 😉

*Photos by Ito

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