When Ito and I arrived in Munich at the tail end of Oktoberfest, we immediately headed out to commemorate it amidst revelers in Marienplatz, the beautiful city square, with a Bavarian brew. Our next few days would be spent exploring Munich beyond its traditional beer festival, trying out its delicious food and fresh produce at the Viktualienmarkt, visiting its museums, and walking around its numerous expansive parks (the famous Olympic stadium and Olympiapark alone were massive!).

Between the day we visited the behemoth, tornado-inspired BMW Welt & museum and the weekend we found the inspiring, up-close-and-personal Richard Avedon exhibit, Ito was in his element (while I learned a little more about automobile design as opposed to fashion design, LOL!). We also wandered around the city and spent a sunny afternoon enjoying the open spaces of the Englische Garten (or English Garden) and discovering Universität–the university belt–where we came across interesting little shops & cool, hole-in-the-wall coffee joints.

On our last day in Munich, before we left on the final leg of our trip, we walked through the palatial Residenz and felt full with the spirit–and the brew–of Bavaria.

DSC_0916The lovely city square, Marienplatz, has been the site of festivities, jousts & tournaments since the middle ages

L1150369The moon rose over Munich in the middle of the day

PA110229Relaxed under a tree in one of Munich’s numerous parks

L1150331Enjoyed the verdant, rolling landscapes of Olympiapark

DSC_0917The Old Town Hall, Altes Rathaus, was straight out of a children’s picture book!

L1150297Checked out the art cars & learned about a different kind of design at BMW Welt

DSC_0837BMW’s museum was where all the boys went to be inspired!

DSC_0788I hate wires, but this funky installation/window display I liked!

DSC_0793Stumbled upon this small and incredibly well preserved German Baroque church, Asamkirche

PA140264Marie Antoinette would have felt right at home with the beautiful, over-the-top opulence of Residenz

L1150412Inspired by the lovely grillwork, pastel shades and pretty details!

L1150439Played around while touring the museum grounds

L1150393Created our own favorite itinerary of wandering around…

L1150408…and people watching

L1150569Art students sat around sketching buildings in the middle of the square

L1150566Watched and observed the hipster scene, Munich style

DSC_0891Our weekend brunch was followed by a museum date

DSC_0871Enjoyed a leisurely afternoon at Museum Brandhorst

DSC_0883Loved the museum’s ultra cool façade

 *Photos by Ito

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