As much as Manila has a formal-wear-and-cocktail-wear culture when it comes to dressing up, in Paris, the sidewalk is as much a platform for fashion as the catwalk (or the ballroom, for that matter). Parisians famously dress up even to head to the market, and if you think about it, everyday fashion is much more reflective of a person than what they wear when dressed for a special occasion.

Having coffee outdoors in a terrasse and watching people go by, I noticed how even simple jeans, sneaks & a tee could look polished and stylish, and I appreciated how taking the time to put themselves together came off as having self-respect more than being vain. Rather than dressing up as a way to show off status labels, I discovered that the best sidewalk style was an off-the-cuff mix of fun, fashion and functionality.

L1120511The ultimate in fashionable, functional cool

L1120070Trend-savvy, hip AND very functional

L1120250Gotta love a man who knows how to accessorize!

L1110511Casual but still polished

L1120636The everyday suit, from the modern classic to the more flamboyant


IMG_3806Haute couture hits the sidewalks

DSC_1197Keeping warm, sitting in a café with an espresso & people watching!

Personally I find that a big part of a city’s culture is seen & developed through its everyday fashion. Given our tropical weather, what do you think would make the best sidewalk-styles for Manila?

*Photos by Ito

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