Spending a late afternoon at the V&A Museum during our recent trip, I found most of my time consumed by the fashion archives. “Fashion” as a noun and as a verb has always fascinated me. How clothes were shaped by, as well as influenced, the times they were in. More than just passing flights of fancy, fashion over the years has proven to be a great barometer of the era that created it. It’s like reading a history book through ornamentation, fabric & silhouette!

It also made me wonder what our current choices of clothes reflect about the new millennium. Hmmm…what do you think our modern day fashion says about us?

DSC_0397Christian Dior’s New Look was a reflection of post-war optimism in the 1940’s

DSC_0392Young designer Dice Kayek’s winning work, “Istanbul Contrast”, shows current globalization with a blend of East & West

DSC_0399TheĀ  ‘Youthquake’ of the 1960’s is clearly displayed in the revolutionary, vibrant spirit of its fashion

DSC_0393The beginning of sportswear evidenced the growing liberation of women. They were so chic too!

*Photos by Ito

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