I love Sundays and I love surprises, so when they come together it makes for a really feel-good end to the week. Today I realized just how blessed we are each day by the people we come in contact with–those we meet, work with, make a connection to. It’s the people that surround us that make our life’s journey interesting, exciting, and well-worth experiencing.

Today, Sunday, while relaxing at home I opened a package that had been left in Fairways for me from lovely & talented stylist, Guada Reyes, and the amazingly gifted jazz singer/songwriter, Kevyn Lettau. We had worked together recently and they had graciously given me some beautiful, meaningful gifts–now what girl doesn’t just love that! 🙂

Thoughtful gestures from Guada & Kevyn that definitely added a rosy hue to this Sunday

Kevyn Lettau at the International Jazz Gala (Tippi Ocampo basket-weave gown, styling by Guada Reyes, make-up by Cecille Rebollos, ring by Kathy Webb)

Love the tracks from Kevyn’s new album–perfect listening for an uplifting & relaxed Sunday!

One of the gifts from Guada was this beautiful Kathy Webb ring (I wore it with the gift ribbon)–I absolutely adore it!

Sundays remind us to be appreciative of the many wonderful moments that happen to us during the week and to be present to the gifts that come our way. Let’s also remember to be a conduit for those blessings and generously spread the love around! Have a blessed Sunday, everyone 🙂

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