Last Thursday night, Kevyn Lettau was scheduled to perform at Salon de Ning at The Peninsula Manila as part of the Philippine International Jazz Festival.  Ito and I dropped by to watch her perform and, as expected, Salon de Ning was full of jazz enthusiasts by the time we arrived.

That night Kevyn played some beautiful (very personal) songs from her new album “Drawn to You” and sang some emotional ballads. Then she scatted through some lively jazz & bossa nova tunes like “One Note Samba” and “Waters of March”, and had fun free-styling favorite songs from her past album including, of course, “Sunlight”. She even sang Gary Valenciano’s “Sana Maulit Muli” (with no prompter!) which I thought added a lovely Filipino touch to the evening 🙂

Last week, when Kevyn came by my drawing room for some fittings, she was immediately drawn to the Barong Tagalog inspired dress I designed and asked if she could try it on. It fit her like a glove and she loved the fact that it was inspired by traditional Filipino menswear…I loved the fact that she looked smoking hot in it 😉 Kevyn is one woman I admire for going through life with so much grace and upbeat positivity (very much like her songs).

(Kevyn Lettau in Tippi Ocampo Barong Tagalog dress, make-up by Cecille Rebollos, styling by Guada Reyes)

All in all, it was a very enjoyable, relaxed, chilled-out-with-a-martini-in-hand kind of way to end the day 🙂  (well, not so chilled-out since I also met Adrien Brody earlier on–heehee). What a great mid-week treat!

PS-On a side note, it’s funny how perfectly I matched Salon de Ning’s walls, LOL!

*Photos by Ito Ocampo

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