Can you tell I’m just soooo kilig???! The last thing I thought of when I woke up yesterday morning was that I would meet Oscar-winner Adrien Brody (The Pianist, King Kong)…but then again, yesterday was a day that was just chock-full of surprises, so…! I didn’t recognize him at first and it was Ito who said “That guy looked sooo familiar. Wait, is the guy from ‘The Pianist’ in town?”, and I just panicked! He passed us several times and even smiled, but it took me a while to gather up the courage (and major kapal ng mukha) to approach him and ask for a photo with him (Ito had to prod me and say “Go for it. The worst thing he can say is ‘no’.”).

I usually respect people’s privacy and try not to impose, but…but…it was Adrien Brody!!! When else would I get the chance??? As it turned out,  he was extremely nice, gracious and accommodating (and even put his arm around me for the photo–my waist was tingling! Hyperventilate! Now breathe…!!!). Now I’m an even bigger fan than I was to begin with! 🙂

PS- Please forgive all the exclamation points in this post! :-p

*Photo (& lots of prodding) by Ito Ocampo 🙂

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