Sundays are the perfect days for sleeping in, lazing around, reading a book, or doing absolutely nothing at all. Like a palate-cleansing sorbet, Sundays are purifying and refreshing, clearing out the residual energies of the past week in preparation for the week to come.  Sunday fashion reflects this, with its laid-back, casual style.  Duster shifts, tunic tops and pajama dressing are all perfect ways to ease into relaxed fashion that’s perfect for browsing the weekend markets, enjoying a leisurely brunch or just chilling at home.

Duster shift dresses are cool & relaxed for laid back Sundays

Tunics allow you to breathe while you laze around at home

Luxe lounge wear at Louis Vuitton Resort 2012 / Audrey Tautou in “Coco Avant Chanel”

So go ahead…unplug, put your feet up and just do nothing today.  Never underestimate the rejuvenating power of a good day’s rest.  Happy Sunday everyone! 🙂

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