Fashion, like language, needs to evolve in order to stay alive and relevant.  The Fashion & Design Council of the Philippines (FDCP) redesigned the Barong Tagalog & Baro’t Saya for use in more modern, contemporary times in the Manilawear segment of its recently concluded PFDC “Weaving The Future” social design competition.  Paired with BENCH jeans, the redesigned Barong/ Baro’t Saya made from local weaves stepped off its ‘costume’ pedestal and stepped into more current, everyday Manilawear fashion.  It also took a step towards bridging our past, and bringing it decidedly into our present.

Barong Tagalog

Jerome Ang

Edwin Ao

PJ Arañador

Ivarluski Aseron

Avel Bacudio

Vittorio Barba

JC Buendia

Joel Escober

Ramon Esteban

Arcy Gayatin

Oj Hoffer

Gerry Katigbak

Rajo Laurel

Jojie Lloren

Len Nepumoceno

Anthony Nocom

Tippi Ocampo

Dong Omaga-Diaz

Randy Ortiz

Frederick Peralta

Joey Samson

Hindy Webber-Tantoco

*Photos by Nelson Villarica

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