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Fashion Tips: Wearing Classic Blue (Pantone’s Color of the Year)

Happy 2020!!! We’ve stepped into¬†a whole new decade ūüôā What this brings us is a fresh start, and possibly a very different approach to everything from our lifestyle to our fashion. Simplicity has always been elegant, but now it carries an acute awareness that less (less complications, less stuff…less everything!)¬†is definitely more.¬†For this year, Pantone has declared ‘Classic Blue’ to be the color of 2020–“…a deep blue shade that’s at once comforting and relatable…” according to Time. Well, what better hue to start off this year’s #FashionTips? As fashion embraces its utilitarian¬†roots and goes back to basics, I thought...

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Fashion Tips: Dress to Express

You may have heard¬†of¬†the phrase “dress to impress”.¬†Well,¬†today I’m sharing the value of dressing¬†to¬†express–or the value of¬†putting your own unique stamp on the clothes¬†you wear. When you¬†dress to express it’s less about trying to gain other people’s approval (or likes on your ‘gram) for your outfit, and more about having fun with what you have¬†while showing some of your personality.¬†It’s sharing¬†a bit of yourself by throwing personal touches that mean something to you into the mix,¬†like vintage pieces or something quirky that you love,¬†rather than wearing the latest¬†“look” from head to toe. The best part is, this small fashion...

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Fashion Tips: Re-Imagine, Re-Use, Re-Fashion

I’ve always loved¬†the creativity of fashion and the thrill of designing new clothes, but¬†at the same time I’ve always been passionate about¬†vintage. ¬†So¬†while I¬†looooove¬†designer clothes of a bygone era, the pieces that inspire and mean the most to me are the few things¬†that I kept from my Lola¬†(grandma) Lucy. I recently¬†unearthed one of of her dresses–a green shift dress with tiny embroidered daisies–and thought that the¬†vintage vibe would¬†look absolutely perfect for summer 2019. With the homogenous onslaught and wastefulness of fast-fashion, the idea¬†of breathing new life into unique pieces from years¬†gone by¬†has a new mindfulness¬†to it. Why add to...

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Making Room to Play

It’s been a transformative first few months of the year ūüôā Like I mentioned in my¬†last blog post, “Lessons of 2018”, from the end of last year¬†when Ito and I¬†continued our cleaning and clearing process–mentally, spiritually and physically–we also began bringing new life to old things that we had forgotten about but started¬†to see¬†in a different light. At the start of 2019, creating a more sustainable environment and consciously lessening our energy leaks (wasted time stuck in traffic, mindless¬†consumption, maintaining¬†a lifestyle that resulted in too much junk, to name just a few) were our intentions. While sorting¬†out stuff, we...

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Lessons of 2018

It’s a little over three weeks into the new year and I’ve finally gotten around to writing a new blog post¬†ūüôā¬†As Ito and I continue¬†the clearing and renewing process we began in the last few weeks of 2018, we find ourselves endlessly¬†giving thanks for the year that just passed. Each year presents its unique triumphs and challenges, but with perspective I’ve realised that what made 2018 different for us was that it brought the things we considered truly important into greater clarity. First of all, instead of the goals, checklists and strategies that we followed in previous years,¬†purpose and...

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