You may have heard of the phrase “dress to impress”. Well, today I’m sharing the value of dressing to express–or the value of putting your own unique stamp on the clothes you wear. When you dress to express it’s less about trying to gain other people’s approval (or likes on your ‘gram) for your outfit, and more about having fun with what you have while showing some of your personality. It’s sharing a bit of yourself by throwing personal touches that mean something to you into the mix, like vintage pieces or something quirky that you love, rather than wearing the latest “look” from head to toe.

The best part is, this small fashion shift can actually boost your self-confidence and make a big difference to your day, because by adding your own sartorial twist you let yourself and others know that you appreciate yourself enough to show up and dress up for you 🙂 I’m sharing some of my personal tips below and would love to know what you think (I’ll also try to post easy, everyday #fashionTips on instagram @tippiocampo, so feel free to follow me there and let me know your favorite style hacks for dressing your own way)!

Mixing up everyday wear by matching a red cotton skirt with a top with tulle rosettes (that I designed years ago), nude ballet flats, and a vintage Chanel vanity case refashioned into a shoulder bag with a black silk scarf hand painted with red roses

Taking a page from my favorite (oversized) look since high school 🙂 Stealing a blue suit that I designed for my husband, Ito, a few years back and matching it with a striped linen tee, sneakers, a printed pocket square and a tiny, vintage Omega bracelet watch (I just belted the pants to make them fit me)

Adding a fun twist to basic pieces by trading in my jeans for a pair of two-toned (peach & yellow) brocade pants from a collection I designed years ago and wearing it with a black tank top, black ballet flats, fun sunglasses and a vintage Chanel mini flap bag refashioned into a belt bag with a silk scarf



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