Subtlety of sound is not something most of us Filipinos are aware of–we like talking loud, love blaring our horns, enjoy cranking up our music (guilty as charged!).  But there are times when less is more, when quality is preferred over quantity.  My brother, John, has long been trying to educate me on the nuances and finer points of sound, and I must admit to being quite hopeless, because what I see is really important to me, and just the sight of all those wires snaking around and the big, in-your-face speakers really turn me off.

A tech-geek and audiophile-in-the-making, John finally invested in setting up his own sleek, unobtrusive, high-end audio rental business called Doppler Audio, which is perfect for intimate parties & gatherings of around 50 people or less.  Great for the upcoming holiday season!  My favorite thing, of course, being that it looks as good as it sounds 🙂  For packages beginning at just P1,750, you can enjoy amazingly clear sound quality at your party (includes microphone and some party lights), without throwing off the whole look of your decor or party theme.

John setting up one of Doppler Audio’s tower speakers at the Filipina, Bravo! cocktail reception in Greenbelt 5

Doppler Audio’s twin tower speakers at the Bravo Filipino! presents Cecile Licad concert in Alabang Town Center

Of course Doppler Audio provided the sounds for my book launch and exhibit!  Naturally, no one else would do 😉


You’ll never have to contend with ugly speakers again!  For more information email


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