The weather these days has been a challenge, provoking our every fashion choice with its fickle nature.  One minute the sun is blazing, the next, torrential rain is pouring from the sky.  Between deciding on the right shoes to wear (I was once caught in the rain during a wedding, wearing satin designer stilletos.  I had to say a tearful good-bye to them forever!), or whether to bring a parka or an umbrella, or how to fix our hair (will it hold up in the the humidity?  Or the rain??), it’s understandable when sometimes we just want to hide under a big, black plastic sheet…or just stay home.

But with almost six months of rainy season, it’s better to learn the tricks of looking put-together and staying dry, despite the moody weather.

Invest in a stylish umbrella

Leave the oversized golf umbrella in your car and the freebie promotional umbrella buried deep in the back of your storage closet–instead, keep an umbrella that works with the style of your clothes.  Think of it like an accessory (match, blend, or contrast with your outfits) and stray away from colors and prints you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing.  A classic black umbrella with a polished wooden handle is a safe choice, or choose one with an eye-catching color or an interesting print.

Winter wear wasn’t made for wet weather

Please leave the ski caps, wool scarves and fur-lined puffy jackets in your travel suitcase.  Going out in a tropical typhoon is not the same as walking in a winter wonderland.  A water-resistant/repellant trench coat, a stylish nylon parka, or a well-made plastic raincoat works best for looking good while staying dry.

Keep it sleek and slick

If there’s anything I hate the most, it’s having rain-soaked shoes and damp feet.  Obviously open-toed shoes are a no-no, and avoid wearing anything water absorbent (canvas sneakers, suede shoes).  Plastic shoes are all the rage now and make great rainy season footwear, along with patent leather shoes that repel water.  Finding a stylish pair of rubber rain boots is your best bet for when the skies really decide to open up (I personally prefer low-cut galoshes because they’re more versatile).

Don’t let wet weather dampen your style

In a country often visited by tropical typhoons, Storm Season could very well be our third fashion season after Resort & Holiday, so plan accordingly.  Instead of it being an afterthought, have fun with your rainy day outfits!  Instead of a typical hoodie, try a wrapped jacket or cape over jeans–cooler temperatures mean you can experiment and lightly layer without breaking into an uncomfortable sweat.

Put on a little sunshine

Don’t wear a dark cloud over your head!  Rain or shine, a smile and a cheery disposition always adds that little extra sparkle to any outfit 😉

Umbrellas make great accessories in classic colors or graphic prints

Experiment with light layering and add a pop of color

Try a lightweight, waterproof parka in not-so-basic purple

Keep it sleek with a b&w palette and slick, patent accessories

 *Photos by Ito Ocampo

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