Luxury has always been defined as a state of great comfort, extravagance and a sense of the excessive, so in that case nothing inspires a feeling of luxe quite like the overflowing abundance of nature. On our recent trip to Palawan we discovered lavish natural wonders both above ground and beneath the seas.

In Dimakya Island, we swam with three full-sized sea turtles and a small sting ray even before grabbing breakfast. While on the beach, we lazed around enjoying the sumptuous stretch of powdery white sand and listening to a cloud of bats and a multitude of brightly colored birds perched on the trees all around us.

In the house reef just a few meters from shore, we snorkeled over lush coral gardens teeming with fish and literally came across a school of over a hundred thousand of them (around 8 inches each!) packed tightly together and forming the Great Wall/Ball of Fish. Amazing! It’s no wonder that in places like Palawan, the only thing we never have enough of is the luxury of time 🙂

Swimming in the wild with gentle sea turtles and a shy stingray


Enjoying our lively company before breakfast



One of the most amazing sights we’ve seen! The Great Wall of…Fish!

*Photo & videos by Tippi & Ito Ocampo

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