Sometimes a place completely defies our expectations and just takes us by surprise. I didn’t know exactly what to expect when Ito suggested we visit Berlin–subconsciously I expected huge blocks of impenetrable, imposing monuments, I suppose. Instead, what we discovered was a city that was exciting, creative, distinctive and bodaciously flavorable, much like a highly addictive brew.

It’s a sprawling city, and between East and West Berlin lay a wealth of history, culture, and probably some of the most vibrantly creative neighborhoods around. From our ‘home’ base on the lovely & leafy Kurfürstendamm (or Ku’damm), to the painfully historic areas in Potsdam, to the culturally rich surroundings of Mitte, to the wonderfully hip and happening neighborhoods in Kreuzberg, we spent 10 days just scratching the surface of a city that is exciting despite, or maybe because of, its flaws–taking us along for the ride as it comes to terms with its past and boldly creates its future.

*Photos from our first few days…

L1130438Berlin’s main station, Berlin Hauptbahnhof…

L1150099…is where the party started!

L1140726One of my favorite sculptures were of these fräuleins and a young herr by the banks of the Spree River

L1140655The beautifully historic Berlin Cathedral

IMG_6006Taking a break from exploring the impressive Museuminsel (Museum Island)

L1130373Enjoying the stretch of festivities beyond the Brandenburg gate

DSC_0482Glorious weather and an entire stretch of delicious food, flowing beer and cool, live music

DSC_0281Berlin boasts a wealth of architectural styles from Classical, to Modern…

DSC_0300…to Renaissance/Baroque

IMG_5987The leaves of the trees lining the parks had mostly turned a fiery hue

IMG_6031Stumbling upon a flea market filled with gorgeous antiques

     L1150024Versace is not the only one with a Medusa medallion

L1130492Finding the amazing work of Frank Gehry, not outside, but inside a building

**Photos by Ito

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