It’s Ito’s & my anniversary (Yay!!! *clink!*) and we are happily celebrating every triumph & challenge, every love-fest & scream-fest, every crazy & uneventful, outsize & miniscule moment in the 6,200+ days since we grabbed each other by the hand and headed off into the proverbial sunset. It’s been over a decade and a half of blessings, some of them in disguise no doubt, but oftentimes we still catch ourselves amazed and thrilled by it all.

This year Ito & I got the best anniversary gift we could have imagined–a seventeen year old blessing from newly canonized Saint John Paul II. Who would have thought, all those years ago when we ran off to Rome to get married, that we would have been touched by a saint? Maybe, somewhere deep inside us, we always knew because it’s one explanation for the multitude of everyday miracles we have been experiencing since then.

Yes, we are (hashtag) blessed and we are forever grateful 🙂 Happy anniversary to us!

*What a surprise! I had no idea that our short travel story–‘twitterature’–came out in the international T+L site, under Travel+Leisure Super Short Travel Stories a few years ago (in 2013). With an additional special mention at the end, no less 🙂

**Photos by official Vatican photographic service

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