It has been years since I’ve been to a theme park, so it was a lot of fun when my mom, John, Ito and I were kids for a day and visited Universal Studios.  The park was smaller and the lines much shorter than Universal Studios in LA, so it was easier to enjoy the attractions and get on the rides. Our favorites were the “Transformers” 4D ride and the “Revenge of the Mummy” roller coaster which really had us screaming! Although I must admit, one of my personal highlights was unexpectedly running into two of my childhood loves, Ernie & Bert, LOL!

We were also lucky enough to catch the hit show “Jersey Boys” at the Marina Bay Sands. A musical about the true story of popular 6o’s singer, Frankie Valli, and his band, The Four Seasons, Ito and I never realized how many of their songs we knew from movie soundtracks until we saw the show. And while my mom grew up listening to the Beatles more than Frankie Valli and his band, days after the play ended, she was still singing their songs. Even my brother found the musical unexpectedly enjoyable, despite the fact that his musical tastes run along the lines of heavy metal bands like Van Halen and Metallica 🙂

Being ‘recruited’ for the Tranformers defense squad

Luckily my mom enjoys the thrill rides as much as we do!

Surprise meeting with my childhood loves 🙂 (such a fan of their striped pullovers!)

Catching the show “Jersey Boys” with the Manila boys

Great story, memorable tunes, 6o’s fashion–what’s not to love?

Front & center…any closer and we would have been onstage, LOL!

Still humming the tunes well into dinner 🙂

Clip from “Jersey Boys”

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