After the past few days of stormy skies, Monday welcomed us with sunshine, a great way to get back into the work groove after the long weekend and catch up on work for a new collection that I’m doing. And when work was done, nightfall greeted us with a full moon, a cool breeze and a clear sky full of stars–a perfect night to enjoy a party by the bay on board a beautiful, luxury, sailing yacht.

The invitation for the John Walker & Sons party said the event was black-tie, so Ito dressed up in a tuxedo and I wore an off-white gown of my design. I knew it was a formal occasion, but I was still surprised at how beautifully decked-out–pun intended!–the party venue was, with its clusters of club chairs, gorgeous (open) bar and ‘Great Gatsby’-esque ambience on the wooden deck, along with a panoramic view of the bay and the yacht.

Later, going on board the dreamy ‘Voyager’, we enjoyed the breeze on deck with a fresh round of drinks in hand before heading down for a little “Scotch 101″…I’m not really a Scotch-drinker, so my first proper taste was from a glass of their newly launched, triple-malt scotch, named ‘Odyssey’. I can now safely say my taste-buds are spoiled for life. Not a bad way to begin the week (and get inspired by the vintage 1920’s/1930’s references), don’t you think? 😉

PS- Now if only we could have weighed anchor and sailed away into the horizon in search of adventure…hey, one can dream, right??

Full moon, clear skies & a cool breeze

Porthole of the ‘Voyager’–what dreams are made of

“Scotch 101”

Johnnie Walker “Game Changer” Rhett Eala, with Jim & Mavis. Congrats, Rhett! 🙂

Rafa & Amina (in a piña gown by Mark Tamayo)

Everybody starts to swing

Fireworks light up the sky

Dramatically lit up ‘Voyager’

Love the beautiful art deco design of the decanter–it would look great on a gown!

*Photos by Ito Ocampo

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