Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been a jeans girl. I’ve loved them ripped at the knees, faded, studded, overdyed, stonewashed, you name it…in college I even oil-painted and embellished my favorite jeans! Growing up I had multiple pairs of jeans, many of them unheard of European brands at that time (like Fiorucci, Pepsi, Girbaud and even Jesus jeans!) because my dad traveled a lot and would buy our jeans on his trips.

So when British denim brand Lee Cooper launched in the Philippines recently and invited me to be one of their creative “Makers” along with artist/restaurateur Nadine Howell, car restorer Alex Isip, brand curator Vince Aldanese, photographer Jay Tablante, makeup artist/fashion model Bianca Valerio, club owner and eventologist GP Reyes, and celebrity chef Roland Laudico, I was more than happy to say yes.

An iconic denim brand with its roots in London’s counterculture, Lee Cooper has quite a bit of rock pedigree being the denim of choice for many British bands like the Rolling Stones and being a part of British Mod culture since the 1950’s and 60’s, which is probably one of the reasons why their Brit-style, stovepipe, skinny jeans are great 🙂

When I got my first pair recently I wasn’t sure they would fit–I mean, thankfully these are honest-to-goodness jeans and not ‘jeggings’! LOL–but when they say skinny jeans, they really mean skinny. Miraculously these jeans did fit me and, most surprising of all, they fit really well & were super comfy even after I threw them in the wash (major plus points)! I also appreciated how the low waist jeans were cut higher in the ‘bum’ so there was no…ahem!…indecent exposure when I sat down.

Can’t wait to get my hands on more of their pieces (will be checking out SM soon for the printed skinny jeans and denim jackets from their launch collection). Thanks again, Lee Cooper Philippines 🙂

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